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The Full Story

On How KNGWRLD Was Born

It all started 3 years ago... I was 14 working at McDonalds. One day I thought, how dope would it be if I were to put my ideas on a shirt and have everyone wear it. So I stacked up enough to buy a 4 color screen printing table, a vinyl cutter and heat press. I was too young to understand how to build a clothing brand...To this day I don't but after 3 years of procrastination, failed projects and hard life lessons KNGWRLD  was born to change the game.


At KNGWRLD, we do cool shit, so do you, that's why you took the time out of your day to read this. So together we can be dope. This brand is inspired by my personal passions such as Money Making(Hustling), Skating, Sports, Cars, Dirtbikes and Quads. This Is Where Dope Collides.

Comfortable Durable Fashionable Streetwear Is KNGWRLD.

The KNGWRLD vision needs special understanding. Sometimes crazy is good. We push limits on this side. We make weird shit cool. If there's a dollar to be made, we'll see you there. The thing about quality is that it lasts, you instill trust into products when you know they bangin'.

Versatility, Dedication, Hard Work and Confidence will always win.



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